AW/SS22 | Imagination Cures Surveillance

The latest collection draws upon surveillance, suppression and the need of protection, influenced by the 1920’s book ‘WE’ by Yevgeny Zamyatin, a story set in the distant future. The inhabitants of the books’ utopian world have completely lost their individuality, to the degree that they are known only by numbers, and find themselves living under a constant state of surveillance.

Collaboration is an important part of IRINA GUSAKOVA’ foundation and our latest collection is in collaboration with Amsterdam-based visual artist Bram Romkes. Working collectively, we created a range of prints that can be found on several of the garments. To expand on the theme of surveillance, Bram created prints that consisted of textures and colours that mimic infra-red scans, which is a technology used in surveillance programs. The collection features fully transformable garments that present the wearer with two completely different functions – to wear it as an anorak or as a backpack; much like the roles we play when we are placed under surveillance, and when we are not. Functionality and minimal environmental impact are equally important in this collection, therefore fabrics such as dry-dye recycled polyester, recycled nylon, dry-dye cotton and organic cotton are used. Garments are produced to inspire individuals to create a personal connection with what they wear and most importantly, to last.

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