New Partnership With PLATFRM

We at IRINA GUSAKOVA are continuously in movement. We are creating new collections, meeting new people and forming new partnerships. Right now we are in the midst of a new collection and we will happily share more about this when the time is ripe. It is something else that we had like to share with you today, a new partnership that we engaged in with sustainable platform PLATFRM.

PLATFRM is a hub for the best upcoming fashion brands that all in their own way do business in a sustainable manner. They have created 8 principles ranging from material to purpose and from supply chain to work. In order to make sure to the customers that the brands represented on the platform are sustainable, the brands must adhere to at least 4 of these 8 principles.

Currently, IRINA GUSAKOVA adheres to 6 out of 8 PLATFRM principles. We are transparent and always try to inform everyone about the exact composition of all of our products and. We believe that customers can only make a well-founded decision when we give all information so this is something we value highly.

Besides, we only use the most sustainable materials available (from the next collection even more so!), keep a close relationship with the family-owned atelier in Russia to ensure safe working conditions and living wages and are a brand with a real purpose. Fashion is predominantly associated with superficial expression and we intend to create impactful dialogue on heavier themes like environmental change and censorship.

All in all we are super happy to be part of PLATFRM, and to be in such good company of other similarly minded brands. So, if you are interested in sustainable fashion from upcoming brands make sure to check their website PLATFRM.

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