Irina Gusakova is a high-end streetwear brand that mix sportswear silhouettes with outdoorwear details.

The brand creates contemporary menswear collections that fuse sportswear silhouettes with outerwear details. Inspired by travelling and a nomadic lifestyle, our collections explore the ideas of functionality, which is interpreted through the use of technical and sustainable fabrics, utilitarian details and artistic collaborations.

Each collection is in collaboration with a local upcoming artist as a means to give them a platform to share their vision. By incorporating their vision into the garments and the art pieces that the brand and the artist make collectively, each collection reflects underlying, socially charged messages. This is meant to create a dialogue surrounding the themes rooted in contemporary society.

Our garments are multi-functional, made from high-quality material and unique in their design. This is also the reason why we make seasonless collections. This way we can concentrate on creating desirable garments that can be worn for years, not only one season.

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