SS20 | Coin Locker Babies

Our SS20 collection is inspired by the 1980’s book ‘Coin Locker Babies’, in which the main two characters, Hashi and Kiku, are abandoned by their mothers at birth, and locked in train station lockers. The book follows their time at an orphanage, where they become brothers, bound by their fate rather than blood, as well as their adolescence and early adulthood, throughout which they develop into characters of almost polar opposites, from lifestyles, personalities, to sexuality. 

We interpreted Hashi and Kiku’s duality throughout our garments, which contrast the feminine nature of character Hashi with the masculinity of Kiku, with the goal of creating a collection that is designed for men, but worn by everyone. This is done via the use of a colour palette, and a range of functional fabrics, which are divided into two main themes – Earth and Water.

All the blue, navy and turquoise colours comprise the Water element which is associated with fluidity and sensitivity that are reflected in the use of more fluid and softer fabrics. All the greens, khaki and beige colours comprise the Earth element which represents being grounded, structured, and is echoed in the use of more sturdy fabrics. The pairing of colors and functional fabrics were carefully considered during the construction of the garments, which follows our signature design approach of blending classic menswear and contemporary tailoring techniques. Through it, we ensure that our garments maintain both structural integrity and comfort.

For this collection, we closely collaborated with Amsterdam based photographer Sebastian Boon, otherwise known as Segraphy, in order to further amplify the collection’s themes and create a dialogue via his preferred medium of expression. We co-created the graphic and print designs that are integrated into the collection, and worked with him to produce the collection’s editorial shoot.

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